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How To Choose Your Wedding Theme

Choosing a theme for your wedding can be a lot of fun but also a little overwhelming. There are so many different ideas out there, how do you know which one you want? Of course, nobody can pick this theme except for you, but picking something that speaks the most to you is a good place to start.

Here are some ideas that may help get you thinking.


Choosing a date for your wedding can be difficult, especially if it falls near a holiday. Sometimes couples choose to stay far away from a wedding as they don't want competing events. However, holiday weddings can be fun and are becoming more popular; it just adds to the celebration! Typical holiday weddings revolve around Halloween, Christmas, and New Year's Eve, but you can turn any holiday into your dream wedding day!

Photo Credit: Jennifer Alyssa Photography


Having a beach is very popular, especially when you live somewhere, like Florida. White sandy beaches, beautiful weather, and lush tropical landscape make for a gorgeous destination wedding location Though it is a very popular wedding option, there are still many ways to make it unique to you. Beach weddings can be creative and casual or romantic and simple. Having a beach or tropical styled theme is a classic and one that many people think of when first deciding, but don’t let the popularity of it deter you from having one of your own.

Photo Credit: Britt and Bean Photography


Your wedding doesn’t have to have an elaborate theme to be fun. Maybe you have a favorite color that you want your wedding to encapsulate. Color can be your inspiration and can also serve as your overarching theme. This can be one specific color you want or a few different shades of the same color. Weddings typically have a color scheme they follow but you can have this specific color be your theme.

Photo Credit: Rabecca Cruz Photography


Your first thought when seeing the word “fairytale” might be a Disney-inspired theme. However, there is a lot more to a fairytale and many ways to make it the wedding of your dreams. Fairytale weddings can be incredibly dreamy. Think enchanted forest, wood elements, whimsical fairy lights, ball gowns, and calm colors, but don’t forget to add your own little touch!


This theme is exactly how it sounds: think flowers beyond just your bouquet. You can incorporate flowers into every aspect of your wedding, from table settings and centerpieces to the cake or dessert, and everything in between. This bride, in particular, fell in love with the lily. There was no other "theme" for the wedding other than she knew she wanted that flower to be used throughout the design of the wedding. That flower alone, allowed us to choose a complementing color palette, lounge furniture piece, and table decor. Flowers can certainly be the way to go to achieve an overall vision for your big day!

Photo Credit: Rabecca Cruz Photography

Now that you’ve seen some different themes for weddings, maybe one of these has sparked your interest, or maybe it helped you think of a different theme you want. The most important thing to note with these themes is that they are merely suggestions, and any theme you pick can become your dream wedding. Always remember to add your own little touch and make everything just the way YOU want it!

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