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Styling a Classic, Elegant Wedding, Perfect for any Season

Hannah Dickerman, Lead Planner. Photos by Vowed on Film

Styling a classic and elegant wedding involves careful attention to detail and a timeless sense of aesthetics. Here are five tips to help you achieve this look:

1. Choose a Timeless Color Palette:

Select a classic color palette that exudes elegance. Shades of white, ivory, champagne, and pastel hues like blush, pale blue, or soft gray are often associated with timeless elegance. These colors create a sophisticated and cohesive look. These soft blue bridesmaid dresses paired with the blue floral accents were absolutely gorgeous, and provided a light pop of color without being overwhelming.

2. Opt for Traditional Floral Arrangements:

Classic wedding flowers like roses, peonies, lilies, and hydrangeas are excellent choices for an elegant wedding. Keep the arrangements simple and cohesive, using a limited color palette to maintain a timeless and understated look.

3. Elegant Invitations and Stationery:

Set the tone for your wedding with elegant invitations and stationery. Choose high-quality paper, classic fonts, and minimalist designs. Incorporate a monogram or custom crest for a personalized touch that adds to the overall elegance. *Pro tip* for gorgeous detail shots like this one, have a 'details box' prepped for your photographer with your invitation suite, accessories, and any other personal details.

4. Embrace Timeless Decor Elements:

Classic decor elements like crystal chandeliers, candelabras, and fine china can help create an elegant ambiance. Consider draping fabrics such as silk or tulle to add softness and sophistication to the venue. Vintage or antique furniture can also be used for a touch of timeless charm.

5. Formal Attire and Accessories:

The bride and groom's attire plays a crucial role in achieving an elegant wedding style. For the bride, a classic ballgown or an A-line dress with lace or satin details can be stunning. The groom should wear a well-fitted tuxedo or a classic suit with a bowtie. Pay attention to accessories like pearl jewelry, veils, and cufflinks to complete the look. We think this pup looks perfect in his tux.

Bonus Tip:

6. Lighting Matters:

Proper lighting can greatly enhance the atmosphere of an elegant wedding. Consider using soft, warm lighting, such as candlelight, fairy lights, or chandeliers, to create a romantic and intimate ambiance. Uplighting and spotlights can be used to highlight key decor elements or architectural features.

Remember that consistency is key when styling a classic and elegant wedding. Every detail, from the venue choice to the table settings, should align with your chosen theme and color palette. Another big tip: quality over quantity. Having good quality, beautiful details gives a hand-picked, curated, expensive look - even if they weren't that pricey! By paying attention to these elements, you can create a wedding that exudes timeless elegance and leaves a lasting impression. Here's some more inspo pics that you can use when planning your own classic elegance wedding!


Planner - Elle Gray Events

Photo - Vowed on Film

Venue - Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Armature Works Tampa

Floral - Monarch Design + Events

Caterer - Good Food Tampa

Puppy Care - Furry Ventures

Hair + Makeup - Femme Akoi, Alexa + Christine

Entertainment - Grant Hemmond Associates

Desserts - Bake n Babes

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